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    Windows 7 Beta is a test version of Microsoft's successor to the Windows Vista operating system. Unlike retail software you buy in stores, beta releases are for
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    Now that I'm dual-booting Vista Beta 2 and XP on my PC, I thought I'd do some performance testing to see how the different Windows generations compare on the same
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    2012 Giveaway Project Please support this project by ing the main project journal as well, so more people will be able to donate and/or win, thank you! :love
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    The New Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta for Vista - Download Now!
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    Windows Beta version. Audacity 1.3 will become the 2.0 version. Please check its System ... 2 GB / 1 GHz ¶Windows Vista / 7 are not supported in Audacity 1.2.6
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    With the release to developers of Windows Vista Beta 2, we thought it was a good time to take a look to see how Vista is coming along. Our overview of Vista Beta 2
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    If you're expecting me to kick Windows 7 around because I like Linux, you'd be wrong. Windows 7 is actually a decent version of Windows. It's not, however, a new
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    Microsoft's mantra (or advertising line) for its new operating system, Windows Vista (formerly Windows Longhorn) is "Confidence, clarity, and connection." For you and
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    The long way to Vista.. (my favorites are 5112 with black windows Logo and 4074 ; ) )
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    Windows Vista SP2 Beta is now available for download via Technet and MSDN sites. It is however a 388 MB standalone download for 32-bit versions or a 614MB
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    Windows Vista beta 1 is an important milestone on Microsoft’s path to releasing the final version of Windows Vista. Beta 1 is being delivered to more than 10,000
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    The Windows Blog is Microsoft's Official Blog for the Windows Operating System
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    System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7. Other versions: Mac, Web, Mobile, iPhone
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    My, we've come a long way. Microsoft began planning the successor to Windows XP in May 2001, four months before it even shipped XP to the public. Then codenamed
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    A review of Microsoft Windows Vista beta 2. ... Last week Microsoft finally released the public beta of Windows Vista. Since then, thousands have flocked to
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    Windows Vista--the next version of Windows, formerly code-named Longhorn--hits a major milestone today with the release of Beta 1 code, Microsoft announced
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    Windows Vista Beta 1 (build 5112, build date of July 20, 2005) which was released on July 27, 2005, was the first Longhorn build to be called Windows Vista and was
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    Pros: Cool glass effect Cons: Copied Apple's OS X Tiger... Review: The reflection effect was apple's thing, and so was the transparent thing in some Apps. The "Aero